Polypropylene Yarns Filter Series

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Polypropylene Yarns Filter Series Small T Water Filter Filter Series

Product Information

 FSPN10-01  10" PP Yarn Filter  1
 FSPN10-05  10" PP Yarn Refill  5
 FSPN10-05/3N1  10" PP Yarn Filter (3-in-1)  5
 FSPN10-05/5N1  10" PP Yarn Filter (5-in-1)  5
 FSPN10-05/NE  10" PP Yarn Filter (NESCA)  5
 FSPN10-05/NI  PP" Yarn Filter (NICE)  5
 FSPN10-10  10" PP Yarn Filter  10
 FSPN10-100   10" PP Yarn Filter  100
 FSPN20-01  20" PP Yarn Filter  1
 FSPN20-05  20" PP Yarn Filter  5
 FSPN20-10  20" PP Yarn Filter  10
 FSPN30-01  30" PP Yarn Filter  1
 FSPN30-10  30" PP Yarn Filter  10

Reliable, Consistent Filtration Performance from each cartridge
  • Graded Pore Structure for Efficient Removal of Wide Range of Particle Sizes
  • Cost Savings from Long On Stream Filter Life
  • Diverse Range of Removal Ratings
  • Wide Chemical Compatibility
  • Suitable for Liquid and Gas Filtration
  • High Containment Holding Capacity
  • Cartridges Fit All Standard Housings
  • Vaious Cartridge Sealing Options
  • Numerous Cartridge sealing Options
  • Numerous Cartridge Configurations
  • Manufactured Under ISO 9001 Quality System

Performance Specifications:

Retention Ratings:
0.5,1 ,2 ,3 ,5 ,7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 µm

Product Specifications
Materials of Construction

Filter Medium:
FDA bleached cotton, glaas fiber, heat purified glass fiber, FDA polypropylene, non-FDA polyproplene rayon, polyester nylon, acrylic, RYTON
Center Core:
Polypropylene, Tin free steel, 304 Stainless Steel 316 stainless steel, Phenolic Resin

Core Cover Option:
Used to Control fiber Migration. Compatible with existing fiber. Materials include Polypropylene, nylon, fiberglass, polyster, voile (not available for Ryton)

End Treatment Option:
Additional fiber migration control. Compatible with existing fiber material.

Outside Diameter: 2"(5.1cm), 2.5"(6.4mm). 23/8" (6.0cm), 25/8"(6.7cm) optional
Inside Diameter: 1" (2.5cm)
Lengths: 9.75" (24.8cm), 10"(25.4cm), 19.5"(49.5cm), 20"(50.8cm), 29.5"(74.9cm), 30"(76.2cm), 39"(99.1cm), 39.5"(100.3cm), 40"(102cm), 49.5"(125.7cm), 50"(127 cm)

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